Monday, January 19, 2009

We're on Facebook! Plus, new photos.

Tobacco Road now has a Facebook page where we'll post photos, event information and more. The "and more" will be determined when I figure out the whole Facebook thing... I had resisted setting up a page for Tobacco Road because I didn't want to confuse anyone by having too many ways to access the same information. But, I suppose that this allows our guests to access the information via the channel that they prefer. Really, one of our star employees set up the Facebook page so now I am forced to finally give in to the Facebook phenomenon. With that said, I haven't figured everything out yet. For instance, can I give you a link to our page? I can't seem to find a way to do that, so I guess you can just search for Tobacco Road and you'll find it.

I posted a photo album on there from a busy night a couple weekends ago (Panthers game). The photos were taken by Brian Mullins, who is also our wedding photographer.


Lisa said...

Link to it?

Just shout if you have ANY questions about business on facebook... I'm a freakin' expert.

PS - Welcome to the addiction, super fun waste of time, and professional tool for procrastination. You'll love it.

Amy said...

Thanks Lisa. :)