Monday, January 5, 2009

Step 1: The Name

This one is pretty easy. Many months ago the boys (Amra brothers) were enthusiastically throwing out name ideas for the new restaurant that they were planning to open on Glenwood in downtown Raleigh. Let’s just say that many lame name ideas thankfully bit the dust. Then one of them suggested Tobacco Road Sports CafĂ© (Rommie claims it was his idea). It struck a chord with all of them and it was agreed upon. The fact that the three of them agreed upon something with little debate is not to be taken lightly and called for post-haste development of a logo before one of them realized that they had all agreed upon something with no argument.

I remember that when they told me about the name I liked the sound of it but didn’t know what it meant. Rommie explained that Tobacco Road is a term usually used to describe the incredible college sports (and basketball specifically) tradition in North Carolina, with the Tobacco Road universities being Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, NC State and Wake Forest.

The name signifies two important things to us: a focus on sports and, more importantly, a passion for sports in North Carolina. When we think Tobacco Road we think of amazing young athletes and die-hard North Carolina fans.

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