Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rickshaws, Marbles and More on Downtown

I have to say that although I loved Raleigh before, I am developing some serious city pride. Last Friday I ate dinner at Tobacco Road with my nephew (4 years old) and little sister (12 years old) and then called Raleigh Rickshaw to pick us up and take us to Marbles. The rickshaw driver (whose name I can't remember) arrived on time and did a great job of making the ride fun for the kids, wrapping up the trip by speeding around the Marbles outdoor water area, stopping and then literally rolling out a red "carpet" for us to step on as we exited the rickshaw. The kids loved it and the rickshaw drivers don't even charge a rate for the trips (it is tips-only).

Now, on to Marbles. When my sister was a toddler I took her to Playspace in downtown Raleigh (first the one located where Edge Office is now on Glenwood and then the one in the Creamery, behind Sullivan's). Playspace was great. She loved it. But Marbles (which merged with Playspace, I believe) is on another level. On Friday they had a special event where we went and saw "Night at the Museum" in the IMAX theater and then from 9:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. they opened up Marbles Museum for the kids and had the staff dress up as museum characters that came to life. We walked in to toy helicopters flying over our heads and remote controlled cars winding around our feet. The staff did an incredible job with this event. 

I lived in Kansas City when I was in elementary school and was lucky enough to spend many days at Kaleidoscope in downtown KC. I'm so glad that kids in our area have a place that is just as cool (or cooler!) to learn and play at.