Saturday, April 24, 2010

Durham Non-Profit Finalists

 Clean Energy Durham
Clean Energy Durham is an organization unique to Durham that works to promote cleaner energy on the local neighborhood level.  The organization provides workshops and instruction on home energy use, teaching neighborhoods, blocks, and individuals about energy efficiency.  Clean Energy Durham helps with the installation of programmable thermostats, as well as information on solar panels or solar water heaters.  The great success of the organization over the past few years has led to calls from other communities throughout the country about how to duplicate the work done here in Durham in other regions. 

Emily Krzyzewski Center
The Emily K Center’s core program, the K to College Model, prepares achievement-oriented low-income students to excel throughout elementary, middle, and high school and to achieve success in college and in 21st Century careers.  K to College Model students are expected to graduate from college and become leaders who break the generational cycle of poverty in their families, help achieve economic stability in their communities, and act as agents of change more broadly.  

The Exchange Clubs' Child Abuse Prevention Center  
Exchange Clubs’ Family Center in Durham is committed to strengthening area families and preventing child abuse through family support, counseling, and parent education programs. We provide 3 separate programs for families - Early Childhood Outreach Program (EChO), Family Support Program (FSP), and Parenting of Adolescent Program (POA).  Through these programs we can serve families with children from birth through 17 with a wide variety of issues.  

Genesis Home
Genesis Home has realized the need for continuing and increased support for families living in poverty and is meeting a critical need in serving families such as these in the Durham community. Graduates from Genesis Home’s Family Matters program are celebrated for successfully breaking the cycle of homelessness in their lives.  We are pleased to share that over the past five years, 75 percent of our families and young people have successfully retained permanent housing for at least six months after graduation. Since our inception in 1989, Genesis Home has helped over 350 families reunite, get off the streets, and live independently. 

Threshold strives to be an exemplary model for the community while promoting awareness of and appreciation for those among us living with mental illness in Durham County.  Threshold affirms the dignity and worth of all members by fostering an environment of acceptance, supportive relationships and access to resources.  We provide the foundation from which new experiences and attainment of one's full potential can occur.

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