Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Night of Dogfish Head Beers and Fine Cuisine with Tobacco Road Sports Cafe

You may have heard of wine pairings, but have you ever heard of a beer dinner? Larry Dunn, Executive Chef at Tobacco Road Sports Café, decided to embrace the endless possibilities of beer. In the beginning, the beer dinner was created as an opportunity to open the café’s doors to more people and to allow local breweries to showcase their selections.

Larry took a particular interest in the events when he discovered the vast opportunities they provide. Not only can Larry continue to expand his cooking expertise by preparing gourmet menus, but the complexities of beer also allow for a highly individualized experience for each attendee. According to the chef, people all taste beers differently, so the variety of beers and tastes allow chefs and guests alike discover why there is more to the beer industry than the bargain drafts found on every tap.

The upcoming beer dinner on August 31st will feature Dogfish Head’s 60 Minute I.P.A., 90 Minute I.P.A., Indian Brown Ale, Palo Santo and Midas Touch. Larry will create five gourmet courses to go with these craft brewed ales. The full menu is provided below.

Larry invites you to take part in a novel environment where the beer takes the spotlight. What could be finer?

Beer Selection

60 Minute I.P.A., 90 Minute I.P.A., Indian Brown Ale,

Palo Santo, Midas Touch

Cheese Fondue and Pretzels

Cave Aged Gruyere, House Made Mustard, Warm Pretzels

Salad Course

Candied Pecans, Sun Dried Cranberries, Rosemary Beet Vinaigrette, Guacamole and Brie Ctroutons

First Entree Course

House Made Duck Sausage, Raspberry Onion Mamalade, Truffled Polenta, Arugula

Second Entree Course

Coffee Crusted Tenderloin of Beef with Vanilla Hollandaise, Herbed Creamy Risotto, Baby Vegetables

Dessert Course

Fresh Seasonal Berries with Citrus Scented Cream

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