Monday, June 23, 2008

Smoking or Non-Smoking Bar?

First of all, thank you to everyone that posted their thoughts on customer service and for the many emails that we received with feedback and encouragement. Your feedback has helped us shape our employee training program and we can't wait to prove to you that we truly are dedicated to delivering exceptional service.

We noticed quite a few comments regarding smoking in bars and wondering whether we would go with a non-smoking bar and restaurant. The answer--we don't know yet. What do you think would be best? Should the Tobacco Road restaurant and bar be non-smoking, with smoking only allowed on the patio? Or, should smoking be allowed in the bar? Please submit your opinion in our poll (in the right-hand column on this page) and feel free to post comments. Also, if you know people that might visit Tobacco Road Sports Cafe, please ask them to vote.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Help Us Reach Our Goal of Exceptional Service

As you may have seen on our temporary website, one of our main goals is to deliver exceptional service. We are developing our employee training program and will soon begin hiring employees. We know what good service means to us, but we would like to hear about your service experiences and preferences. I am always interested when my friends tell me about little things that restaurant employees do that either impress them or ruin their dining experience. For example, I have a hard time enjoying my meal when it starts off with a rude hostess, followed by a server that takes a long time to greet our table.

What are the things that drive you crazy when you dine out or the special touches that make your dining experience more enjoyable? Please don't post specifics such as restaurant or employee names. We would just like to know all of the things that we can incorporate into our standards to ensure a high level of service quality at Tobacco Road.